Our Technology

LADR™ Platform

Centurion’s LADRTM Platform (Linker Activated Drug Release) concentrates ultra high potency drug in the tumor and minimizes systemic toxicity

  • Ultra High Potency Drug Payload

    • Payloads are 10-1,000 times more potent than standard anti-cancer agents

  • Cleavable Linker

    • Novel linker keeps the highly potent drug payload inactive until the conjugate reaches the tumor
    • The linker is then cleaved which activates the payload

  • Targeting

    • Rapid and selective binding to circulating serum albumin
    • Serum albumin transports the LADR™ drug to the tumor

  • Fine Tuning

    • Fine tuning of water solubility and release kinetics



Overview of Rationale

(1) Albumin-binding drug is infused

step 1

(2) Rapid and specific binding to circulating human serum albumin (HSA)

step 2

(3) Albumin transports the drug to the tumor

step 3

(4) Upon intracellular uptake the active component is released in a pH-dependent manner

step 4

EPR Effect (Enhanced Permeability and Retention)

Accumulation of the drug in the tumor:
Schematic representation of the anatomical and physiological characteristics of normal and tumor tissue with respect to vascular permeability and retention of small and large molecules (EPR effect)